My jaw crusher has failed. What should I do?

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1. Jaw Crusher failure phenomenon: The host suddenly stops.

Method: 1) Clear the discharge blockage to ensure the smooth discharge; 2) Adjust or replace the V-belt; 3) Reinstall or replace the adapter bushing; 4) Adjust the voltage of the work site to match the main machine work. Voltage requirements; 5) Replace the bearing.

2. Fault phenomenon of jaw crusher: The main gear wheel and the moving jaw are working normally, but the crushing work stops.

Method: 1) Replace the tension spring; 2) Replace the tie rod; 3) Reinstall or replace the bracket.

3. Jaw Crusher failure phenomenon: The output does not meet the factory standard.

Method: 1) Replace or increase the crusher; 2) Change the motor wiring; 3) Adjust the discharge port to the nominal discharge port specified in the manual and increase the crusher for fine crushing; 4) Check the tooth pitch of the tooth plate, if it does not match The standard shall replace the seesaw, adjust the relative position of the fixed raft and the movable raft, ensure that the top of the tooth is fixed against the root, and prevent the displacement; 5) increase the voltage of the work site to adapt it to the overload of the host. Requirements; 6) Replace the bearing or the moving jaw.

4. Jaw Crusher failure phenomenon: There is a beating or impact sound when the activity and the fixed jaw are working.

Method: 1) Set or match the bolts; 2) Adjust the discharge opening to ensure the correct clearance between the two jaws.

5. Jaw Crusher failure phenomenon: The spring is broken.

Method: Replace the spring.

6. Jaw Crusher failure phenomenon: The eccentric shaft is bent or broken.

Method: 1) Replace the new eccentric shaft and lift the main machine correctly; 2) Replace the new eccentric shaft, select the suitable crusher according to the compressive strength of the crushed material; 3) Replace the new eccentric shaft and adjust the working load Or replace the corresponding crusher; 4) Replace the new eccentric shaft, do not use the brackets and bracket pads that do not meet the design standards; 5) Replace the new eccentric shaft and use the heat-treated eccentric shaft.

7. Jaw Crusher failure phenomenon: dynamic rupture.

Method: Replace the jaw plate.

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