river sand mining magnetic separator for sale,magnetic separator advantages

The magnetic field generated by the magnetic separator is an important factor in the magnetic separation process, according to the different needs of mineral processing, we need for the magnetic separator magnetic separation equipment and processes for reliable analysis, in order to select a reliable process security, the following is You analyze in detail as follows.


Wet magnetic separator mainly by the cylinder, roller, brush roller, magnetic system, tank, transmission part of the six components. Because the manufacture of such a magnetic separator is mainly to deal with those poor iron ore is not easy to be sorted out of iron ore and Health, wet magnetic separator has the following advantages:

1, wet magnetic separator sorting effect is good.

2, the wet magnetic separator magnetic roller magnetic induction intensity of up to 12000GS, up to 14000GS, it has a magnetic attraction, to meet the low-grade weak magnetic separation efficiency requirements of the ore.

3, the wet magnetic separator is mainly used for coarse iron ore in the rough or broken after the rough election, excluding rock and other waste rock, improve grade, reduce the load of the next process.

4, the wet magnetic separator for hematite reduction in closed-circuit roasting operations will not fully restore the raw ore sorting, return to burn.

5, the wet magnetic separator for the ceramic industry will be mixed porcelain clay in the iron to remove and improve the quality of ceramic products.

6, wet magnetic separator can also be used in coal mining, casting sand, refractories and other lines need to be in addition to iron operations.

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