gold washing machine in Philippines

Gold washing equipment

Gold processing equipment is also commonly used in the extraction of gold one of the equipment, gold processing principle is to use re-election method to maximize the recovery of gold from the ore and its associated heavy minerals, followed by re-election, flotation, mixing Mercury, magnetic separation and electrostatic election and other joint operations will be a variety of gold and heavy minerals separated from each other, has reached the purpose of comprehensive recovery. Placer gold ore sorting is generally divided into crushing and screening, desliming and sorting process.

washing machine

1. Crushing and screening

Many placer gold mines contain mud, which requires crushing and screening operations. Screening operations to exclude gravel, gravel, sand gold mineral processing is an indispensable operation. The sieving operations of sand gold mine are mostly water sieving.

2. Desliming

Placer gold ore less than 0.1 mm of the material is generally not gold or gold-bearing little. In the sorting process is difficult to recover. Therefore, in the gold ore mechanical processing plant, always try to less than 0.1 mm of the slime off.

3. Screening

There are currently three methods for the treatment of gold-bearing crude concentrates:

(1) artificial wash out gold particles;

(2) treatment with mixed mercury;

(3) Artificial panning or mixed with mercury extraction of gold, the concentration of concentrated concentrate sent to concentrate processing, with magnetic separation methods were recovered a variety of heavy mineral sand.