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books on vibrating screen:

The basic principle of the vibrating screen is to convert the rotary motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion by means of a heavy hammer installed at the upper and lower ends of the motor shaft, and then convey the movement to the screen surface. If you change the upper and lower parts of the hammer phase angle can change the direction of raw materials.


Installation and Adjustment of Vibrating Screen

1, should be removed before use of transport support, transport support between the spring used to secure the upper and lower vibrating screen to prevent damage during transport.

2, shaker should be placed on the horizontal plane, the horizontal plane must be smooth, smooth.

3, the power, pay attention to the bottom of the vibration motor should be counter-clockwise rotation of the hammer.

4, adjust the material running trajectory.

Use and maintenance

1, the machine should be installed with electrical protection devices.

2, the machine is running at least check the anchor bolts at least once a day to prevent loosening.

3, when the motor rotation direction does not meet the requirements, adjust the power phase sequence can be.

4, the cumulative run 1500 hours after the machine should check the bearings, if there is serious damage should be replaced immediately.

Operation check:

1, before the start:

(1) Check the coarse mesh and fine mesh for damage

(2) whether each set of rings is tight

2, after the start:

(1) Note that there is no abnormal noise

(2) whether the current is stable

(3) whether the abnormal vibration

3, after use: each use that is cleaned up

Regular maintenance

Regular inspection of coarse mesh, fine mesh and spring whether the fatigue and damage, the body parts are damaged due to vibration, the need to add lubricating oil parts must be lubricated


Regularly check the rubber parts are damaged, timely replacement, to prevent leakage of material.

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