iron sand mining process

Iron sand is bauxite, anthracite, iron as the main raw material in the electric arc furnace by high temperature smelting, brown, toughness, and can do refractory materials, can also be used as abrasive. It is made of abrasive, suitable for grinding high tensile strength of the metal, such as a variety of general steel, malleable iron, hard bronze.

Iron sand pill is mainly used for steel surface sandblasting pretreatment. The iron sand, which is broken by heat treatment of iron pellets, has high hardness, sharp edges and sharp edges, and its sharp edges make it have high-speed spray etching and scraping characteristics. Especially with the etching and scraping requirements of the higher metal surface treatment, is also commonly used in outdoor sandblasting operations surface treatment works.

iron sand

Sprayed iron sand is mainly used for copper, aluminum polishing. Moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpening, low sand consumption and recycling recycling, grinding pieces of good finish; and the chemical composition of stability, wear resistance, acid and alkali. The abrasive shell-shaped fracture, sharp edges and corners, in the crushing classification in the formation of new edges and edges, so that the grinding ability is better than other abrasives. Especially its high hardness, specific gravity, chemical stability and its unique advantages of self-sharpening, sandblasting process with a choice of abrasive; at the same time is sand blasting, clean up the workpiece, grinding and polishing the ideal material.