silica sand screen separator machine

Screening machine is the use of particulate material and the relative movement of the screen surface, so that part of the particles through the sieve, the sand, gravel, gravel and other materials by particle size divided into different levels of vibration screening machinery and equipment.

vibrating screen

Selection to know

1, the use of sieves: What kind of material screening? Screening of raw coal or sieve washed coal, ore, chemical raw materials, food, etc., is grading or dehydration, de-mediated, such as off-mud.

2, the material is the sieve dry material or wet material, large amount of water or material viscosity large selection of sports and slope of the large screen surface.

3, screening machine installation space size: screen surface width B and length and height.

4, screening equipment selection classification: 1, fixed screen surface; 2, vibrating screen surface; 3, sports screen surface; 4, roller screen surface; 5, other types of screen surface.

5, the maximum feed size, the material size.

6, screening machine interface device and follow-up equipment is what size? The need to transport function, fabric function and in addition to iron functions.

7, equipment handling capacity.

8, the installation form: Block type or hanging type; motor is installed left or right.

9, electric control box installation and control linkage sequence. Motor, electric control selection requirements.

10, other special requirements: screen surface inclination, the appearance of paint screen color

Silica sand selection vibrating screen:

Vibrating screen structure consists of four parts, high-frequency vibration motor, a fixed-grid and two-stage fixed-grid sieve, vibration springs and chassis. Screen surface inclination and sieve sieve rate anyway, the screen surface inclination of the greater flow faster.