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We are one of the biggest manufacturers in Aggregate Processing Machinery for the sand & gravel, quarry, mining, construction and recycling industries. Equipments include crusher, mobile crusher, complete crusher, feeding & conveying, screening & washing, track mounted mobile crusher, beneficiation equipment, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, complete quarry plant, complete grinding plant. We provide personalized services to users in the Philippines.


In the crushing of rock processing, crushing equipment generally have a variety of options, due to various types of crusher, structure and specifications are different, must be reasonable choice crusher type, structure and specifications, and rational allocation of crusher crusher ratio.

Jaw crusher: jaw crusher is the use of two jaw plate on the material extrusion and bending, coarse or broken in a variety of hardness of the broken material crushing machinery. This crusher due to a simple structure, easy maintenance, easy replacement of broken plates, and was the majority of users Green Lai.

Cyclone crusher: cyclone crusher is the use of crushing cone cone in the shell cavity in the cycle of movement, the material produces extrusion, cleavage and bending, crushing a variety of hardness of rock crushing machinery. Crushing ability, smooth operation, low noise.

Cone crusher: cone crusher and cyclone crusher is basically the same principle, but only in the broken or crushing operations crushing machinery.

Hammer crusher: hammer crusher with a large crushing ratio, nesting uniform size, low energy consumption advantages.

Impact crusher: Impact crusher is the use of plate hammer and the impact of high-speed counter-plate rebound effect, so that the impact of materials by repeated impact of the broken machinery. Usually used to rough broken, broken or crushed in the hard below the brittle materials.

Vertical shaft impact crusher: light structure, easy installation; finished grain shape stability, wear small, low operating costs. Processing capacity, a high sand rate, is the ideal artificial sand and coarse aggregate shaping model.

The above is the crusher industry, often used crusher, is the old crusher.

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