single pitch spiral classifier

Tags:  spiral classifier    Date:  2016-10-11Author:  ZENITH

Spiral classifier is widely used in the concentrator and the ball mill dubbed closed-loop circulation diversion ore, or in the gravity concentrator to grading ores and fine mud, and metal ore dressing process for particle size grading, and washing operations Of the mud, dehydration and other operations. The machine has a simple structure, reliable, easy to operate and so on.

Workflow: After the fine grinding slurry from the sedimentation area in the middle of the feed inlet into the sink, inclined installation of the tank below the pulp grading settlement area, spiral low speed rotation, stirring effect on the slurry, the fine particles suspended in the above, the flow To the overflow weir at overflow. Coarse particles sink to the bottom of the groove, transported by the screw to the discharge port as a return to sand discharge. The position of the overflow weir is higher than the center of the bearing at the lower end of the screw shaft, which is lower than the upper edge of the spiral of the overflow section.

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This is our single pitch spiral classifier:

spiral classifier


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