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Tags:  limestone  |  production    Date:  2016-10-11Author:  ZENITH

Limestone processing production process: in the production and processing of limestone in the process, mainly will use the following equipment: milling machine (Raymond or high pressure grinding), jaw crusher, hammer crusher, counterattack crusher, sand making machine And other equipment.

1. Crush large chunks of limestone first with crusher equipment.

2. After crushing, the size of the appropriate size of the material used to send equipment to the European version of T-shaped or medium-speed T-shaped grinding mill.

3. Material into the European version of the T-shaped grinding or medium-speed T-shaped mill, grinding equipment through the grinding process, grading process and separation process, and the finished product. In the production of limestone in the process, it is best equipped with dust removal equipment to prevent dust pollution.

4. The finished material packaging and storage.


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