coal crusher types

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Coal mill (crusher) has the following three types:

1. Low-speed coal mill, mainly for ball mill. It is a rotating cylindrical or tapered at both ends of the drum, the drum is equipped with steel balls. Work when the cylinder ball constantly hit and squeeze the coal, the coal into a pulverized coal. And then by the hot air inside the drum to dry coal and coal will be sent out, separated by the separator, a certain size of the coal powder into the coal powder warehouse or directly into the pulverized coal burner.

2. Medium-speed coal mill, a common flat plate mill, bowl mill, E-mill and roller mill. The coal mass is crushed, milled and crushed between the surfaces of the two sets of milled bodies. At the same time, the hot air passing through the coal mill dries the coal and feeds the pulverized coal to the separator in the upper part of the grinding zone. After separation, a certain particle size of coal with the air out of the grinding, the coarse particles of coal back to the grinding area regrinding. In this case,

3. High-speed coal mill, mainly by the high-speed rotor and grinding shell composition. Common fan grinding and hammering mill. In the fan mill the coal is subjected to high-speed impact from the high-speed rotor and the grinding shell collides, and the coal blocks are crushed against each other. Particularly suitable for grinding high moisture lignite and volatile high, easy to grind bituminous coal.


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