operating temperature for jaw crusher

Jaw crusher in the mining, building materials, infrastructure and other departments are mainly used for coarse crusher and crusher. In accordance with the size of the feed width is divided into large, medium and small three, feeding the width of more than 600MM for large machines, feed width of 300-600MM in the medium-sized machine, the feed port width of less than 300MM for small machine. Jaw crusher structure is simple, easy to manufacture, reliable, easy to use and maintenance.

However, jaw crusher long-term high-load operation will appear bearings, liner, hammer, motor and other aspects of the fault. Simply put, jaw crusher in the use of the process, the bearing temperature is too high caused by failure.

jaw crusher

Jaw crusher bearing oil or oil injection too much; oil hole blockage, oil plus not into; Sanket Wheel with weight position deviation, rack beating; axial bushing occurs; bearing wear or maintain Frame damage, etc., may cause jaw crusher bearing temperature is too high.

In order to solve the above problems, the corresponding countermeasures are summarized as follows: quantitative fueling on time; cleaning oil hole and oil tank blockage; adjusting the position of weight block of flywheel wheel; dismantling bearing cover, locking tightening bushing and removing flywheel Replace the end caps and glands, or loosen the upper bearing cover at the heating end of the frame bearing seat, and press the fuse and the insert into the housing bearing groove together with the cover , And then set the bearing cover, to eliminate cover rotation.

Jaw crusher users need regular equipment maintenance, maintenance, to ensure the stable operation of equipment.