iron sand mining equipments

iron sand equipment

Iron ore processing technology.

Iron ore processing technology production line composition:

1. The iron ore crusher mainly comprises a jaw crusher and a cone crusher;

2. Iron ore milling equipment, mainly composed of ball mill;

3. Iron ore magnetic separation equipment, mainly composed of magnetic separator

Iron ore processing process steps:

1. Crushing the iron ore ore:

After the blasting, the iron ore ore transported to the iron ore crushing production line. Large iron ore by the hopper by the vibrating feeder evenly sent to the jaw crusher or mobile jaw crusher for coarse crushing; and then crushed after the iron ore through the shaker screen, the belt conveyor Crusher to the cone crusher in the broken; in the broken iron ore into the hydraulic cone crusher for crushing. Finally, the crushed ore is sieved by a vibrating screen.

2. Grinding iron ore particles:

The iron ore particles sieved through the vibrating screen are uniformly sent to a ball mill for grinding, and the powder is sieved by a screw classifier. Among them, do not meet the requirements of iron ore powder into the ball mill to continue grinding.

3. Iron ore powder purification to remove impurities:

Iron ore powder contains not only the production of iron required, but also contains a variety of other metal ore. At this point you can use iron ore magnetic separation equipment on the ore using strong magnetic separation, magnetic separation and other magnetic separation, purification of iron ore.

4. Drying:

Iron ore after the iron ore through the process of iron ore to meet the basic business needs, this time by drying it with a dryer to achieve the required production of high quality iron powder.