how spiral classifier works

Spiral classifier works: spiral classifier is by means of solid particles of different sizes, different proportions, and thus the different velocity of settling in the liquid, fine ore floating in the water into the overflow, coarse ore sank at the bottom of the tank. By the screw to the top of the discharge, to carry out mechanical grading of a grading equipment. It can mill the grinding powder level in the filter, and then the use of coarse material spiral screw rotating film into the mill feed inlet, the filter out of the fine material from the overflow pipe discharge.

spiral classifier

Performance Characteristics of Spiral Classifier:

1. The use of a wide range of widely used in ore dressing plant to grade ores and fine mud, with a simple structure, reliable, easy to operate and so on.

2. Using frequency control technology, operation more convenient, no dust pollution, high efficiency and environmental protection.

3. High production efficiency, energy efficient.

4. Advanced technology, simple process.

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