coal mill price, new and second hand coal mill price for sale

Tags:  coal mill     Date:  2016-10-13Author:  ZENITH

Coal mill can be divided into low-speed coal mill, medium-speed coal mill and high-speed three types of coal mill, we can choose according to the actual demand for the production of coal mill.

Raw coal from the coal yard through the lattice sieve screen after the fall of the conveyor belt, into the electromagnetic iron separator into the vertical after the iron mill to dry, grinding. Raw coal in the debris, such as part of gangue, metal block, through the spit residue discharge.

ZENITH production of coal mill structure is reasonable, high grinding efficiency, ability to adapt to the material, high yield, is the ideal coal preparation equipment.


1. Higher yield.

2. Convenient operation.

3. Safer usage.

4. Reliable performance.

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