what machine is used for turning chromite into high grade

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Chromium ore beneficiation process: mainly through the vibrating feeder screening, jaw crusher grinding, ball mill grinding, classification by the spiral classifier by magnetic separation and flotation - according to different mineral properties by adding different drugs, making the desired Minerals are separated from other substances. After the desired minerals are separated, because it contains a lot of water, subject to the initial enrichment concentrator, and then dried by the dryer, dry minerals can be obtained.


Chromite purification methods are:

1, chromite re-election equipment

According to the difference between the proportion of chromite and gangue, the proportion of chromite is relatively large, and the proportion of gangue associated with chromite is small, and the principle and equipment of gravity dressing can be used for sorting.

2, chromite magnetic separation equipment

Chromite has a weak magnetic properties, so according to the characteristics of chromite can be used magnetic recovery of chromite, since chromite has a certain permeability, and waste rock is not, so the use of magnetic separation method can also be effective Purification of chromite.

3, chromite ore flotation equipment

According to the different structure of chromite ore, the degree of reaction of different drugs can be taken flotation beneficiation.

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