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The jaw crusher is mainly composed of a frame part, an eccentric shaft rotating part, a crushing cavity working part, a safety device, a discharging mouth adjusting device and the like.

1, the frame part: by the side panels, front box components, after the box welding parts and other components.

2, eccentric shaft rotation: mainly by the moving e, eccentric shaft, bearings, bearing, pulley and other components. Is the main part of the transmission power.

3, the crushing cavity working part: mainly by the fixed jaw, the activities of jaw, side liner, guard plate and other components, is the working parts of broken materials.

4, the insurance device: by the elbow plate, bracket bracket, spring, spring rods and other components, is crusher in the non-normal circumstances from the role of insurance parts.

5, discharge port adjustment device: The device is used to adjust the size of the discharge port size, control the grain size. Mainly by adjusting the fixed ramp block, adjust the slide block, the top wire bolts, slider locking rods and other components.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher crushing principle is the main fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate to complete the interaction, so the two parts and stone contact most frequently, it has also become a major wearing parts.

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