smelting process

Smelting is a refining technology, is the use of roasting, melting, electrolysis and the use of chemical agents and other methods to extract the metal out of the ore; reduce the impurities contained in the metal or to increase a metal component, made of the required metal .

Classification of smelting

Smelting is divided into pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy.

Pyrometallurgy, also known as dry metallurgy, heats the ore and the necessary additives together in a furnace to a high temperature, melting it into a liquid, producing the desired chemical reaction, separating the crude metal, and then refining the crude metal.

Hydrometallurgy process is the use of acid, alkali, salt aqueous solution, the chemical method to extract the required metal components from the ore, and then electrolysis with aqueous solution and other methods of making metal. This method is mainly used in low grade, refractory or fine powder of ore. This method has been largely replaced by the fire of the past zinc smelting.

smelting process

Before the smelting process, the need for ore crushing, milling, screening and other treatment. We are a professional manufacturer of ore crushing equipment. If you want a broken ore production line, please contact our customer service, or you need after-sales service, please contact our customer service.