desorption electrolytic technology

ZENITH provides the desorption electrolysis device is the use of new technologies, new technology, gold production used in the processing of gold-bearing new and efficient products. This system can desorption the gold-bearing carbon produced by the gold mine carbon and heap leaching plants, and produce gold. At the same time, our company can provide with the matching of the wet smelting system, including the reactor, filters, absorption tower, vacuum system, smelting system.

desorption electrolytic system


1, desorption rate, can extract the adsorption rate of gold.

2, processing capacity, low production costs.

3, no cyanide desorption.

4, carbon-rich heat does not require thermal regeneration.

5, the use of non-destructive automatic transmission of carbon in the carbon transport process does not produce carbon powder, carbon loss and gold loss.

6, a high degree of automation, low labor intensity; in the work environment without cyanide, the working environment.