mobile sand washing plant for sale

K series mobile station has 7 series 72 models, covering all kinds of mining production requirements, such as coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and sieving, fine sand washing, independent operation, three combinations and four combinations. And vibrating screen, under the belt conveyor, shaker, crusher integrated vehicle installation.


The advantages of mobile sand making machine:

1. The installation of integrated unit form, improve the flexibility of the sand station.

2. Mobility and flexibility, is conducive to stationed in the construction of a reasonable area.

3. Mobile crusher, the material can be the first line of the scene broken sand, eliminating the transport of materials from the scene and then broken intermediate links, greatly reducing the transportation costs of materials.

4. The integrated series of mobile crushing stations can be used independently or in accordance with customers' requirements for material types and products in the process, providing more flexible process configuration and satisfying various requirements such as mobile crushing sand making and moving screening.

5. Mobile crusher, for crushing, crushing and screening system, can be a single unit independent operation, can also be a flexible system configuration unit combined operations.