vibrating screen theory and selection

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The vibrating screen has been widely used in industrial sectors such as mining, metallurgy, coal, water conservancy, electric power, transportation and chemical industries, to complete a variety of different processes, such as screening, grading, washing, desorption and dehydration . In this case,

Coal or ore, or crushed material, that is mined at the quarry or before it is used or further processed, needs to be divided into several grades of similar particle size or to be dehydrated, desorbed, deslimed, and sometimes several And there. The above-mentioned work, there is always the material through the screen surface of the hole grading problem, and the material through the screen surface through the hole classification is called screening.


Material screening can be divided into two phases:

1. The fine-grained material which is smaller than the size of the sieve hole reaches the sieve surface through the material layer composed of the coarse particle material;

2. Fine particle material through the sieve to complete the screen through the sieve. In this case,

In order to complete the screening process of the material, it is necessary to satisfy the relative motion between the material and the screen surface. Therefore, the vibrating screen sieve box should have the appropriate movement characteristics, to maintain the fine material through the screen smooth.

Through the movement of the screen box, the material layer on the screen surface is loosened, so that the gap between the large granular materials is further expanded, small particles of material through the gap, transferred to the lower; the same time as small particles between materials Of the gap is small, large particles can not be through the material, therefore, large particles in the course of movement, the position is rising. So the original messy material particles on the separation occurred, that is, according to the size of the particles were stratified to form a small granular material in the next, coarse particles on the arrangement of the rules. In this case,

The fine particle material arriving at the screen surface can be passed through the sieve because of its size smaller than the size of the sieve, so as to realize the separation of coarse and fine granular materials and complete the sieving process.

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