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Pujada Bay, sometimes (usually historically) called Pujaga Bay, is a bay on the Pacific coast of the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. It is an arm of the Philippine Sea in Davao Oriental province formed by the Guanguan Peninsula which separates it from the Mayo Bay on the east and the Pujada Peninsula which separates it from the Davao Gulf on the west.

Pujada Bay has a wealth of nickel ore resources. Nickel ore processing methods: Nickel ore is mainly divided into copper sulfide nickel ore and nickel oxide ore, both mineral processing and processing methods are completely different.


Copper sulfide nickel ore beneficiation method, the most important is the flotation, and magnetic separation and re-election is usually auxiliary mineral processing methods. Flotation of copper and nickel sulfide ore, often used flotation copper sulfide minerals collector and foaming agent.

Nickel oxide ore is currently used more crushing, screening and other processes to remove pre-weathered weak, low-nickel large rock. As the nickel oxide nickel is often in the same kind of quality dispersed in the gangue minerals, and particle size is very small, it can not be used mechanical enrichment enrichment method can only be used smelting method.

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