rod mill design

The rod mill is named after the grinding body is the steel rod, which is widely used in the grinding of artificial stone sand, concentrator, chemical plant electric power department. Rod mill is widely applied in metal and nonmetal mine, water conservancy, glass and construction materials industries, mainly suitable for grinding various ores and rocks and artificial sand-making.

Rod mill by the motor through the reducer and the surrounding large gear transmission or by low-speed synchronous motor directly through the surrounding large gear transmission, driving cylinder rotation. The barrel is equipped with appropriate grinding medium - steel bar. Grinding media in the centrifugal force and the role of friction, was elevated to a certain height, was falling or falling state fall. The material to be ground is continuously fed into the cylinder by the feed opening, crushed by the moving grinding medium, and discharged from the machine by the overflow and the power of continuous feeding.



1. Easy and safe operation.

2. Stable performance.

3. Even product size.

4. Low energy consumption.

5. Low invest,high return.

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