mobile/portable gold ore crusher in Apayao, Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines

“Apayao is a landlocked province in the Philippines in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon. Its capital town is Kabugao. The province borders Cagayan to the north and east, Abra and Ilocos Norte to the west, and Kalinga to the south.

Apayao is basically situated within the Cordillera Central mountains, traversed by many rivers. Its mineral resources are very rich, including gold, copper, marble, gemstones, phosphate, siliceous sand and shale.” __About Apayao form Wikipedia.

Apayao province

We can produce portable gold ore crusher -- mobile jaw crusher, its crushing efficiency and low price.

If you want to produce gold, you need to build a gold ore crushing production line. In addition to the above mobile jaw crusher, you have mobile cone crusher for secondary crushing, we need to carry out milling roller mill, flotation machine and need to be used in conjunction magnetic separator to remove impurities. Finally, air-dried gold powder can be obtained. In addition, the connection between the various equipment but also conveyor belt between the gold ore.

mobile crusher

Of course, the above gold crushing production line can also extract other metals such as copper, marble and so on. In addition, we also produce tire portable crusher and crawler crusher, their mobility, adaptability, crushing efficiency, is our latest portable crushing equipment, will certainly be able to help your business.

We are pleased to inform you that as a large producer of mining equipment, we are able to produce all the equipment needed to mine gold. And we can provide equipment installation and operation of guidance, and can provide comprehensive after-sales service. Please contact our customer service, you can ask questions - your doubts.