pebble crushing line | gravel crushing line in Agusan del Norte, Caraga region, Philippines

“Agusan del Norte is a province in the Philippines located in the Caraga region of Mindanao. Its capital is the city of Cabadbaran and it is bordered on the northeast by Surigao del Norte; mid-east by Surigao del Sur; southeast by Agusan del Sur, and southwest by Misamis Oriental. Agusan del Norte’s mineral resources are located mainly in the municipalities of Nasipit, RTR, Kitcharao, Cabadbaran, Jabonga, Tubay and Santiago. The province has significant deposits of metallic and non-metallic resources such as gold, manganese, copper, bauxite ore, marble, limestone, guano, sand, gravel. The Marapot and Cabadbaran Rivers are the best-known sources of Class A sand and gravel.” __About Agusan del Norte form Wikipedia.

Agusan del Norte

Now the Philippines wants to develop the economy, increase people's income and increase investment in infrastructure construction. In this case, artificial sand and gravel are very important and the demand is very large. Artificial gravel will be applied to buildings, roads, bridges, trains Track, and other places. If you do artificial gravel business is good.

Artificial gravel raw materials are very good looking, such as the pebbles on the river or on the beach pebbles, limestone, marble and so on. An artificial gravel crushing line requires a combination of equipment, including jaw crushers (if small pebbles may not be required), cone crushers, sand making machines, conveyor belts, sand washers, dryers.

pebble crusher

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