basalt crusher plant | basalt crusher in Bataan, Central Luzon, Philippines

“Bataan is a province situated in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. Its capital is the City of Balanga. Occupying the entire Bataan Peninsula on Luzon, Bataan is bordered by the provinces of Zambales and Pampanga to the north. The peninsula faces the South China Sea to the west and Subic Bay to the north-west, and encloses Manila Bay to the east. Iron,titanite, sand, basalt and marble and other mineral resources found in Bataan.”__About Bataan, From Wikipedia.

Basalt is an excellent aggregate of aggregate, with a characteristic not easily broken, it is generally black color, the use of a wide range of basalt crusher equipment used in many, of which crusher is the most important equipment: Jaw crusher as a coarse crushing, cone crusher as a secondary crushing, impact crusher (sand making machine) as a fine break, the final finished product basalt particle size to fully meet customer needs.

basalt crusher plant

Typical basalt crushing facilities are two jaw crushers or jaw crushers with conical crusher process configuration. If the customer has a higher stone grain size requirements, you can configure a counter-crusher for plastic crushing, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. However, three-stage crushing will inevitably lead to higher investment costs of the project, but for long-term operation of the stone factory, three-stage crushing reduced production costs.

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