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“Negros Occidental is a province in the Philippines located in the Negros Island Region. It occupies the northwestern half of the island of Negros, with Negros Oriental comprising the southeastern half. Bacolod City is the capital, seat of government and the most populous city of the province, but is governed independently as a highly urbanized city.”__About Negros Occidental, from Wikipedia.

Minerals that abound in the province are primary copper with estimated reserve of 591 million metric tons and gold ore with estimated reserve of 25 million tons. Silver and molybdenum deposits are also abundant, as well as non-metallic minerals suitable for agricultural and industrial uses.

 copper ore crusher

We produce copper ore crushers, we are a stone crusher suppliers. ZENITH services throughout the pre-sale consulting, program design, equipment production, installation guide, parts supply and production line operations, such as the entire investment project life cycle.

We are adhering to the "timely, efficient and effective" concept, we resolutely fulfill every customer's commitment to service. Any time you ask questions or provide feedback, we guarantee 30 minutes to answer you in-depth communication. According to the results of your communication with you, we will be within 24 hours for you to design or feedback solutions to the problem. Based on our advice, we are committed to sending engineers within 24 hours / 72 hours to ensure your production needs.

We are a large professional manufacturer of mining crushing equipment, we can provide the gold crushing equipment, marble crushing equipment, gravel stone crusher, river pebble crusher plant, rock crushing equipment, limestone processing plants. If you want to know stone crushers price in Negros Occidental, please contact us online-support.

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