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“Tarlac is a landlocked province located in the Central Luzon region in the Philippines. It is bounded on the north by the province of Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija on the east, Zambales on the west and Pampanga in the south. The province comprises three congressional districts and is subdivided into 17 municipalities and one city, Tarlac City, which is the provincial capital. Tarlac has coal, manganese, iron.”__About Tarlac, from Wikipedia.

Jaw crusher maintenance and use:


1, crusher normal operation, before feeding.

2, to be broken into the crushing chamber material should be evenly, and should avoid side feeding, to prevent sudden or unilateral sudden increase in load.

3, under normal operating conditions, the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 35 ℃, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 70 ℃, or should immediately stop to identify the reasons to be eliminated.

crusher machine


1, regular attention to the friction surface in a timely manner to do the lubrication work, can guarantee the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life.

2, the machine used grease, should be based on location, temperature and other conditions to determine the general use of calcium-based, sodium or calcium-based grease.

3, adding the bearing grease for its volume of 50-70%, every three months must be replaced once; new oil must be cleaned with clean gasoline or kerosene bearing and housing dirt.

4, brackets and brackets pad contacts Before the machine starts, you must add grease.


1. minor repairs The main contents include inspection and repair jaw broken adjustment device, high-speed discharge gap, the wear liner adjustment or replacement. Maintenance transmission parts, lubrication systems and replacement of lubricants. Minor repair cycle is about 1-3 months.

2. In addition to repair all minor repairs work, but also replace the thrust plate, liner, check and repair bearings and so on. In the repair cycle is generally about 1-2 years.

3. Overhaul In addition to all the work in the repair, but also includes the replacement or turning eccentric shaft and moving jaw mandrel, casting the upper part of the rod head alloy, replace or repair the wear parts. Jaw crusher overhaul cycle is generally about 5 years.

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