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“Siquijor is a 5th provincial income class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. Its capital is the municipality also named Siquijor. To the northwest of Siquijor are Cebu and Negros, to the northeast is Bohol and to the south, across the Bohol Sea, is Mindanao. Siquijor is an island province in the Visayas. Siquijor has signs of quarry activity.”__About Siquijor, from Wikipedia.

ZENITH production of the main features of the quarry machine:

1. Increased natural resource use.

2. Mining of high quality stone.

3. Less pollution, no broken, less stone, less dust, no smoke.

4. High security.

5. Save time and effort, to the greatest extent reduce the operator's labor intensity

6. High efficiency and high output.

7. Low investment, high output.

quarry crusher equipment

We are a quarrying equipment supplier, we produce all kinds of quarrying machines and crushing equipment.

Our production of sand machine introduced: Sand making machine is the fourth generation of sand produced by our machine. The machine is widely used, its performance has reached the international leading level, is a reliable gravel machine, especially for the production of abrasives, refractories, cement, quartz sand, steel sand and other hard and brittle materials, Is an efficient, energy-saving gravel sand making equipment.

If you want to know quarry machine in Siquijor, please contact us online-support.

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