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“Romblon is an archipelagic province of the Philippines located in the Mimaropa region. Its main islands include Tablas, the largest, which covers nine municipalities, Sibuyan with its three towns, as well as the smaller island municipalities of Corcuera, Banton, Concepcion, San Jose, and Romblon, the provincial capital. Romblon are rich in granite, nickel, silica, mercury, zinc, copper, silver, limestone, sulfide, ores, kaolin, clay, magnesium and quartz. Marble.”__About Romblon, from Wikipedia.

Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, is a kaolinite clay mineral-based clay and clay rock. Pure kaolin was white and delicate, soft soil-like, with good plasticity and fire resistance and other physical and chemical properties. Its mineral composition is mainly composed of kaolinite, halloysite, hydromica, illite, montmorillonite and quartz, feldspar and other minerals. Kaolin is widely used, mainly for paper, ceramics and refractory materials, followed by paint, rubber filler, enamel glaze and white cement raw materials, a small amount for plastic, paint, paint, wheel, pencil, daily cosmetics, soap, Pesticides, pharmaceuticals, textiles, petroleum, chemicals, building materials, defense and other industrial sectors.

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kaolin processing :

1. Dispersion: First, the ore is made into mud, so that the mineral form of granular monomer in water dissociation, particle size in microns, and even smaller. In order to make the kaolinite minerals and impurity minerals (such as quartz, feldspar, mica, pyrite, ilmenite, etc.) separation, clay particles must be divided into fine, medium and coarse three grain size.

2. Desander: Desander mainly remove quartz, feldspar, mica and other detrital minerals and cuttings and other coarse particles of impurities, but also to remove part of the iron-titanium mineral. Commonly used flotation machine, grading machine, hydrocyclone and vibrating screen and so on. In this case,

Classification: grading is the use of the size of the mineral particles or the density of the separation of minerals, if the mineral composition of the slurry particle size difference is large, the general classification with the screen; if similar, according to their density difference sorting. Commonly used classification equipment has hydrocyclones, centrifuges and so on. In this case,

4. Magnetic iron removal: Almost all of the kaolin ore contains a small amount of iron minerals, mainly iron oxides, ilmenite, siderite, pyrite, mica, tourmaline and so on. These colored impurities are usually weakly magnetic, so that they can be removed by magnetic separation of these harmful impurities.

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