How does construction waste generate value in the Philippines

Tags:  construction waste    Date:  2017-01-01Author:  ZENITH

There are three types of construction waste: the foundation pit backfill, more high-quality soil for mountain repair, planting vegetation, low-lying pad or into the slag field.

In ZENITH's view, construction waste is just a dislocation of resources. We can use crushers and sieves to separate steel and other metal products, then the rest of the stone broken, processed into building aggregate. These building aggregate can be used for foundation pit backfill, roadbed backfill and other projects, but also can be further processed into recycled aggregate concrete, recycled brick and other new building materials. Stacked mountains such as brick, concrete blocks and other construction waste into a different thickness of the powder.

This is ZENITH specifically used to deal with construction waste crusher, 250 tons per hour to digest building waste, the utilization rate of up to 95%.

One can be separated from the four different sizes of powder. In fact, construction waste is a treasure, it is misplaced resources. In the past, construction waste was not well disposed, and there was a lot of land used for batch processing to the countryside or village, using open storage or landfill. At the same time, the removal and accumulation of the process of the left and dust, ash sand flying and other issues have caused serious environmental pollution. With the construction waste processing 0-8mm of recycled fine aggregate and ordinary river sand is no significant difference, while the side of the coarse aggregate in addition to color, and natural stone is very similar. According to the site staff, fine aggregate can be used as part of the cement alternative materials, and coarse aggregate can fully meet the requirements of the road cushion and grass-roots, concrete mixing station can be used as raw materials.

In general, the construction site on the brick and so on are mechanical equipment crushed into powder, this process will raise the dust, resulting in noise and so on. We believe that the crusher can help the city break through the construction waste.

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