ZENITH spring cone crusher introduced in Philippines

Tags:  spring cone crusher    Date:  2017-01-15Author:  ZENITH

Spring cone crusher is dedicated to mining, is an important product of ZENITH, last year to upgrade to the fourth generation of products, where the first production equipment has been used in a quarry in China for more than five months, it The good performance of the performance by the customer praise.

ZENITH is a global manufacturer of stone crushing equipment and grinding equipment, the existing plant more than 12,000 square meters, the main equipment are jaw crusher, cone crusher, milling machine, screening equipment, mobile crusher, etc.

The Jaw crusher generally as a broken, cone crusher can be used as two broken, three broken or even four broken use. ZENITH produces a conical crusher that can be easily adapted to different production requirements by selecting the appropriate crushing chamber type and eccentricity. It is not only compact but easy to maintain, but also has high crushing efficiency and good grain size.

In recent years, the development of the world's mining resources show a scientific and efficient development trend, high-end mining equipment demand increased significantly. We have developed and developed a variety of crusher developed by the European developed countries, independent of the development of a variety of new equipment.

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