What Are The Advantages Of Jaw Crusher?

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A jaw crusher is a heavy duty machine created to effectively break down hard rocks with the use of compressive force. It is an important item basically used as primary crushers in most industries.

The classification of jaw crushers is done according to the width of the feeding area and are separated into big, medium and small. In addition, their categories are simple, complex and compounding swings all according to the movement features of the jaw plates.

Currently, manufacturers are using hydraulic technology in the creation of these machines. If you are looking for a machine that can break down rocks, aggregates, ore, and minerals the jaw crusher is your ideal solution.

Besides, these machines can break coke, coal and a broad range of minerals. Industrial sectors such as scientific study, electricity, and metallurgy employ these machines in getting samples ready and for several other uses.

The reason why we believe the jaw crusher is the perfect machine for all your crushing processes is due to the benefits it has to offer.

What Are The Advantages Of Jaw Crusher?

1. Simple Structure 

The jaw crusher has a simple structure that permits quick operation. This crushing machine is made to equip materials of various types and sizes and the crushing process is excellent.

To obtain the size of the material you want, you just need to adjust the size of the opening.

2. Easy To Maintain

The lubrication system of this machine provides a remarkable performance. It is a choice of many since it utilizes less energy than other crushers, makes little noise, produces less dust and thus environmentally friendly. 

Furthermore, the simple structure of the machine makes it easy to replace the broken or worn out parts.

3. Low Cost 

When you compare jaw crushers with other machines you learn that it is a more affordable option. They are created to offer great performance while essential parts like the swing jaw, bearing, and frame are protected from damage, this makes them last longer.

4. Used For Different Moisture Contents

The amount of moisture in minerals and ores is a vital aspect when selecting a jaw crusher. These machines can be used for different moisture content, but not above 15%.

5. Output Efficiency

The jaw crusher’s output efficiency is impeccable it ranges between 1 to 2 tons in an hour. If you compare it with a hammer crusher –with output restricted to 400 to 500 kg- it comes out as the ideal crushing machine.

With regards to work output, the jaw crusher is no match to other crushers. 

6. Output Size

The jaw crusher produces very fine final products after crushing. If you desire evenness in your products, the jaw crusher machine is a necessity.

7. Input Size

Another benefit that makes us fall in love with jaw crushers all over again is the fact that these machines can crush materials of different sizes –close to 80 mm.

For you to get the machine with the capacity you wish for, ensure that you are aware of the feed size supported by the machine

8. Durability

Since jaw crushers are made of steel, they are incredibly durable and if you maintain them, they can serve you for many years. Regular inspection and maintenance are simple and these machines are quite long-lasting.


Jaw crushers operate smoothly and most of its models are made to offer simple and quick adjustment features. The most interesting fact about the jaw crushers is that anyone can operate as you only require little skills and knowledge.

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