Information about ZENITH's CI5X series impact crusher

High-efficiency Soft Rock Processing Equipment

In respect of coarse or medium-fine crushing of soft rocks. CI5X series Impact aushers represent the most advanced crushing workmanship and technology currently In the world. Successful Integrated application of such latest scientific research achievements as great-rotation-inertia high-precision rotor, multi-functional fully-hydraulic operating system. and high-efficiency involute-shaped crushing chamber. in conjunction with correct selection of wear-resistant materials of aitical components, provides Cl5X series impact crushers with higher aushing efficiency, higher reliability, and greater easiness of maintenance and operation as compared with conventronal crushing equipment.


In short. high-efficiency aushing workmanship plus ergonomic design enable CI5X series impact aushers to adapt to various crushing conditions and meet users needs. They are high-efficiency solutions and con help users maximize returns on investment.

Multi-functional fully-hydraulic operating system

CI5X series impact crushers employ a multi-functional, fully-hydraulic operating system to accurately and rapidly adjust the dearance between impact rack and rotor to realize discharge grain size adjustment, saving both labor and time, and Increasing machine utlllzatlon ratio. The hydraulic cylinder of the opening and closing device can be directly operated by the hydraulic system, facilitating maintenance of hammer ba,s and impact blocks hence reducing production interruption time.  Other Impact Crusher

High-efficiency involute-shaped crushing chamber

The crushing chamber is a high-efficiency, involute-shaped crushing chamber designed with simulation software and verified through acfval appllcatlon. It can process materials of larger grain size. It can be used In the coarse and medium-fine aushing of medium-hard and soft rocks. Undergoing collision time after time in the crushing chamber, rocks break: into high quaflty cubic aggregates satisfying production requirements.

Raw materials to high standard ensuring high strength of equipment

Compared to conventional crushing equipment. CI5X series impact crushers present higher reliabmty, safety, and strength as they ore designed with computer-aided finite element design software ANSYS, and fabricated with row materials of first doss quality. The crusher maintenance costs are greatly reouced with the service life extended.


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