Information about ZENITH's C6X series jaw crusher

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Global Most Ideal Coarse Crushing Equipment

ZENITH is the globally rock and mineral processing equipment supplier. In order to solve such problems as low production efficiency, and difficult installation and maintenance of the existing jaw crushers on the market, ZENITH developed a new generation of energy-efficient jaw crusher - C6X series jaw crusher with its years' experience in product development and production as well as services in thousands of production line projects. The C6X series jaw crusher has all international first-class level indexes (such as equipment structure, use functions, production efficiency, etc.), and becomes the most ideal coarse crushing equipment on the market currently at home and abroad.

C6X Series Jaw Crusher

When crushing such materials high in hardness and strong in corrosion, C6X series jaw crusher still can complete the task: efficiently and excellently. The equipment structure, manufacturing process and material selection has determined the bodywork: high strength and its universality application. so the equipment con not only be applicable to coarse crushing of the hardest rocks and ores. but also can manage continuous production in the most stringent production environment underground to maximize customers' production efficiency.

C6X series jaw crusher has absorbed our optimal research achievements and engineering technical abilities, and whether used in buildings, roads, mining, metallurgy, cement and coal mining or in treatment of solid wastes. the equipment can remarkably meet users' demands for coarse crushing and lay a solid foundation for users' success.

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Lean design -For higher quality only

Efficient cavity type - Higher crushing efficiency

The cavity type of C6X series jaw crusher is optimized and designed on the basis of repeated calculation and procttcal appllcattons, able to achieve higher kinematic performance; moreover, Its large stroke and steep bracket angle design can realize a greater stroke at the bottom of the crushing cavity, achieve stronger material throughput and thus greatly improve the aushing efficiency.

Detachable frame - Higher strength

C6X series Jaw cusher adopts the design that the side plates are separated from the front and rear frames, the side plates use two hot rolled steel plates, the adjusting bearer as well as the front and rear frames adopt high-strength cost steel and are bolted with the pin shaft, which has avoided the stress concentration during weldfng; at the same time, the detached frames can facliltate installation, transportation and maintenance.

High quality casting - To ensure reliable performance

In order to ensure stable and efficient production of the equipment during crushing hard materials, C6X series jaw crvsher is equipped with such core rotating components as high-quarity casting movable Jaw body, large-eccentric heavy-duty forged eccentric shaft, cast flywheel with a high moment of lnertfa and high-strength Integrated cast steel bearing box. as well as strong power wtth reasonable speed configurations.

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Fast installation, quick production

Integrated design, smaller installation space

The C6X series jaw crusher adopts an integrated motor base design with the base fixed directly on the crusher subject to no base fabrication in advance, which has reduced the installation space and simultaneously achieve more stable power transmission.

Elastic damping anchors, able to decrease the equipment impact

Elastic stop blocks and rubber shock absorbers are used to replace the rigid anchors, able to effectively absorb the vibration peak load, reduce the mutual impact between the crusher and the founda-tion, and thus improve the service life of the crusher.

Flexible switching between fixed and mobile operations

The C6X series jaw crusher has a lower requirement for the equip-ment foundation by virtue of its unique detachable structure and anchor-free installation and each main component can be detached, so it can not only ensure stable operation of the equip-ment in ground-fixed production lines, but also be applicable to mobile production lines and borehole operations, which has greatly expanded the operation scope of the equipment.

Easy maintenance, able to improve the equipment operation efficiency

The C6X series of jaw crusher is suitable for harsh production environment, but any equipment also needs reasonable repair and maintenance no matter how excellent it is and reasonable repair and maintenance can not only ensure the equipment normal operation, but also can enhance the work efficiency and improve the system production capacity; the design of C6X series jaw crusher has considered all details of the equip-ment in repair and maintenance in order to reduce the downtime due to equipment maintenance, improve the equipment operation efficiency and reduce users' maintenance costs.

Labyrinth seal

The C6X series jaw crusher has used labyrinth seals for its bearings to ensure cleanness of the lubricat-ing grease inside the bearings and greatly improve the bearing service life.

Centralized lubrication

The equipment adopts centralized grease lubrica-tion and a manual or automatic grease lubrication system can be configured as needed, which can reduce the difficulty in maintenance and simultane-ously guarantee cleanness and neatness at the work site of C6X series jaw crusher to the maximum extent.

Flexible adjustment methods

The C6X series jaw crusher uses a double-wedge regulating discharge port with the mechanical or hydraulic regulation available as needed, so it can be regulated more simply and efficiently than the traditional underboarding discharge ports.

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