GZG series of vibrating screen manufacturers

For people who had no contact with the mining industry, vibrating screen is just a name. And they do not understand what vibrating screen is used to do. Mentioned vibrating screen, some people will ask: What kinds of vibrating screen? What is vibrating screen structure like? Where can I buy good quality and high efficiency vibrating screen? These problems are often asked by a large number of people, who want to buy these machines. To solve these problems, this article will help you solve these problems mentioned above.


types of vibrating sieve

Vibrating screen can be divided by weight: vibrating screen, light fine vibrating screen, vibrating sieve machine for experiments. Vibrating screen for mining can be divided into: efficient heavy screen, self-centering vibrating screen, oval, vibrating screen dewatering screen, bananas screen, circular vibrating screen, vibrating sieve.

According to the material vibrating screen trajectory, it can be divided into: linear vibrating screen (the screen surface material made straight forward motion), circular vibrating screen(the screen surface material to make a circular motion), fine screening machine (surface material in the sun reciprocating movement of the forward do). These are some simple classification for vibrating screen; customers can choose suitable equipment according to their needs. If have any questions for the working principle of these machines, you can consult our online customer service.

structure of vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is generally consisting of vibrator, screen box, supporting or hanging devices, transmission and other components.


Uniaxial and biaxial vibrating screen vibrating screen vibrating screen, distinguished by the eccentric weight configurations are generally of two types. Eccentric weight eccentricity is configured to block type is better.

Screen box

By the sieve box, the screen surface and the clamping device are components. Screen frame is composed of plates and beams. Screen frame must have sufficient rigidity.

Support means

Supporting device has a vibrating screen hanging and seat two. Seat-mounted relatively simple and low installation height should generally be preferred. The main support means by vibrating screen elastic composed of member, are the coil springs used, the plate springs and rubber springs.


Usually vibrating screen belt drive means vibrating screen simple structure, can be arbitrarily of the vibrator the number of revolutions selected, it is easy to slip the belt during operation may cause clogging of the sieve. Vibrating screen there is also coupling. a direct drive Couplings can remain stable rpm vibrator, and life is very long, but the number of revolutions of the vibrator adjustment difficulties.

high efficiency and good quality vibrating screen

GZG vibrating screen is one model of vibrating screen. This series of vibrating screen adopts foreign advanced technology, combined with the specific circumstances designed with low noise, large output, long life and other characteristics. Because of the high quality good efficiency, GZG vibrating screen price slightly higher than the average vibrating screen. Currently in the country GZG vibrating screen has been widely applied, GZG series of vibrating screen manufacturers have sprung up. Shanghai has a mining equipment manufacturer in the production of the series device, which has better repercussions on the society. Its name is Shanghai Zenith.