YZ circular vibrating screen

Quarry or stone manufacturers often have the market research of gravel line in order to produce products to meet different production needs. In general, the finished line gravel aggregate can be divided into several categories, such as processing into a powder and 0-5mm 5-10mm, and 10-30mm stones and so on.


Screening machine is the most common used screening equipment. In sand production line, YZ vibrating screen can be used for raw materials in the fine screening, and it can also be used for a crusher, secondary crushing equipment sieving the crushed material to form a closed loop of the device is often connected with the host device via a belt drive. To meet certain size requirements of the finished product, it is sent to the aggregate stockpile.

YZ circular vibrating screen characteristics

A whole aggregate production line will need more than 5-6 circular vibrating screen, or less than two circular vibrating screen. If the configuration is unreasonable, it not only cannot meet the needs of finished aggregate grain type, but can also cause waste of resources, the entire production line to increase procurement costs and motor power. Why does the circular vibrating screen adopt in gravel production process? It is mainly for the diverse YZ circular vibrating screen models and has the following characteristics: 

1.The spring steel woven mesh or perforated screen, long life, easy to plug the hole;

2.Long with rubber isolation springs life, low noise, and smooth over the resonance region, etc.;

3.Adopting cylinder -type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block helps to adjust amplitude, easy maintenance.

Features of circular vibrating screen

The above features of circular vibrating screen determine the characteristics of the device are suitable for good dewatering performance, smaller particle size than the screening process. The device works when you need to first start the motor, high-speed rotation of the motor, through the action of the belt driven eccentric exciter also made high-speed rotation, due to the operation of the eccentric block to generate a lot of centrifugal force to stimulate sieve boxes have a certain amplitude circular motion on the screen tilt the screen surface material in the tank passed by the vibration sieve to produce a continuous throwing motion, materials and process, to meet the screen surface is smaller than the particles through the sieve to achieve classification.

After knowing the working principle of the device and the characteristics of the work, you can choose a trustworthy manufacturer. However, there is lots of vibrating screen manufacturers on the market. Here we learned a Shanghai efficient YZ high efficient mining circular vibrating screen manufacturer which has more than 20 years of production experience in senior mining equipment specialists. These above features and working principles are got from this company's professional engineers. In addition, the engineers also gives a little advice: After commissioning qualified circular vibrating screen can be put into production; screening machine into production within the first two weeks after the week will be re- tighten the fastening bolts around again, after a fastening a month.