About the use of jaw crusher | 3 points of attention

The jaw crusher often causes the crash of the crusher due to improper use. Therefore, when crushing the material, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniformity of the blanking, and the hardness of the material is appropriate. If it is too hard, it can be Add a process.

1. The feed rate is too fast, which will lead to blockage, reduce production capacity and increase power consumption. Therefore, the jaw crusher should select the appropriate feed rate according to different materials.

2. Adjust the size of the discharge opening according to the requirements of the discharge size. Therefore, it is reasonable to enlarge the discharge opening as much as possible under the requirement of ensuring the product size. The size of the discharge opening can be adjusted by adjusting the block, and the relationship between the crushing ratio and the productivity should be paid attention to when adjusting the size of the discharge opening.

3. The eccentric shaft, connecting rod, movable jaw, shaft and lining of the E-type crusher are the main wear parts, so you need to pay attention to lubrication and replacement.


Attached: ZENITH jaw crusher advantage

Stable structure, reliable performance

The bearing seat adopts an integral cast steel structure, which avoids unnecessary burden on the frame caused by the two-piece bearing chamber and improves the stability of the whole structure. In addition, the heavy-duty eccentric shaft is machined from forged billets, making the PEW series jaw crushers exceptionally reliable.

V-shaped structure toothed guard

The design of the "V" type crushing chamber and the toothed guard plate is more reasonable, ensuring the consistency of the actual material feeding size and the theoretical material feeding size, effectively increasing the crushing area, and the material does not block the material in the crushing chamber, so that the breaking rate And the output is very large, and the utilization rate of the seesaw is improved.

Hydraulic control

It is equipped with a hydraulic oil station to ensure that the machine lubrication system supplies oil to the lubrication parts of the machine, which guarantees the operation of the machine. At the same time, if the crusher is stopped under load, the hydraulic clearing system can quickly clean the crushing chamber, greatly reducing downtime.

Wedge device

The wedge discharge port adjustment system enables the machine to adjust the discharge port to a predetermined value within a few minutes even in the case of idling, and is automated under the cooperation of the hydraulic system, which is more advanced than the old gasket type discharge port. The adjustment system is simpler and faster.

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