Barite Grinding Mill Equipments

Barite crystal is large tubular and it getting together sometime can form a rose shape or forked boule(this is known as crested barite). Barite belonging to non-renewable resources, is one of China's export advantage minerals, can be used as white pigment (commonly known as lithopone), also can be used in chemical, paper, textile packing, besides, it can act as a fluxing agent to increase the brightness of the glass in glass production. But it's main use is as a weighting agent in drilling and refining industry barium.


Processing technology

Henan Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is to see such a great value barite, Race against time to has developed the European mill racing to time. The new mill, compared with the traditional mill has unparalleled advantages, and uses a number of latest national patent technology of mill, with many characteristics such as unique design, reasonable structure, small footprint, low power consumption, long operating life, the vulnerability of low cost and high cost performance. What’s more its technical performance has reached international advanced level . The barite mining stone down from the mountains, after repeatedly crushed by jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and other equipment can reach to 2-3 mm. Besides, then it is processed by Raymond mill, trapezium mill, vertical mill, super-micro mill and other processing , lastly further processing of the stone can reach to 350 mesh or more.

barite grinding mill equipments

1. European grinding mill

When barite European grinding mill works, the main bearing and each dial are driven by electromotor of main machine through reducer, and numbers of roller which are driven by dial through plunger. After crushed by hammer crusher, the big materials become small size ones and they are sent to storage bin by elevator. Then by the vibrating feeder and sloping pipeline, the material is sent to the bulk material plate.

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder will send them to the middle of first dial evenly, the materials will be driven to the edge of dial by centrifugal force, and descended, crushed and grinded by roller. Then the materials will descend into the second and third ring, and crushed and grinded. The high pressure centrifugal blower will inhale air from the outside and blow the materials which are grinded in the third ring to powder classifier. The rorating turbo in the powder concentrator will make the coarse materials return to the mill and reground, while the final powder with the air and be drawn to the whirlwind powder collector and be discharged from the bottom of the discharge valve. The air which mixed with the very little fineness will be purified by impulse duster and discharge by blower and muffler.

2.The super pressure trapezium mill

Barite super pressure trapezium mill is launched by R & D center Liming Heavy Industry with China's national conditions and needs of the market, having the reputation of” "King of the mill" ,and is a good substitute for small and middle ball mill. The barite super pressure trapezium mill is especially suitable for various large-scale thermal power plant and steel desulfurization.

When the barite super pressure trapezium mill works, the speed reducer promotes the revolving centering axis, there is a cinquefoil shelf connected on the top of the axis, and the roller device is equipped on the shelf and forms a swing pivot. The roller device not only rotates around the centering axis but also revolves round the ring, and the roller rotates itself because of rubbing action. There are shovel blades equipped bottom of the cinquefoil shelf. When shovel blades rotate with roller, they throw up the materials and send them into space between rollers and ring and then form a material bed, produced by the rotating of rollers. The material is crushed by the centrifugal force.Classifier by controlling speed motor drives vanes in the swivel plate for rotation, and forms the gradation of particle.

3.Raymond mill

Raymond mill for barite is widely applied to all kinds of mineral powder equipment and coaling powder equipment, such as raw ore, gypsum mine, coal and other materials of powder processing. They can produce powder from 300 various kinds of non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6% such as barite, calcite, feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, activated clay, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, cement, phosphate rock, gypsum, glass, insulation materials, etc. The final size is adjusted at random from 80 mesh to 325 mesh, and part of the material can reach to more than 2000 mesh.

Barite and oil applied to the cloth manufacture linoleum reconcile; barite powder for refined kerosene; do gastrointestinal contrast agent in the pharmaceutical industry; be prepared pesticide, leather, manufacture fireworks; used for extraction of metals barium; with tubes for televisions and other getter binder; barium with other metals (aluminum, magnesium, lead, calcium) alloys made for bearing manufacturing.