Coarse Crushing Machine Brief Introduction

For people who do not understand mining equipment, if you want exploitation of mines, how to choose the machines? How to understand the function of the machines? This article will explain what the coarse crusher can be used to do.

Crusher, by definition, is the larger material crushing the material into smaller machines to be more suitable for subsequent fine crushing. According to the hardness of the material selection crusher, jaw crusher is generally the majority, as well as cone crusher, impact crusher. Crushing machine can be used for granite, marble, dolomite and other large hardness crushing the ore to extract minerals inside.


Primary crusher machine

Primary crusher includes jaw crusher, PEW series jaw crusher, impact crusher, PFW series impact crusher, CS series cone crusher, the European version of Efficient crushing-type milling machine and so on. In many domestic mining equipment manufacturer in Shanghai SBM crusher machine production model of the whole, excellent quality, has been widely praised in the industry.

Coarse Crushing Machine Working Principle

Crushing machine principle, which is the primary crusher working principle. Crushing machine work, motor rotation, the V-belt, pulley drives the eccentric shaft to move the jaw has been adjusted in accordance with good track exercise, movable jaw plate is also made of the fixed jaw plate cyclical swings, movable jaw plate close to the time when, the material is squeezed between two jaws, splitting and bending broken. When the movable jaw plate away, crushing cavity has been crushed to less than the lower discharge port of the material, automatically fall by its own weight, is located in the upper part of the crushing chamber materials, not crushed to less than nesting population size, but rather as the nesting down a certain distance, until moving jaw again by forcing fixed jaw plate, material crushing cavity has dropped again by the continued crushed and broken; This continues until all of the material fed into the crushing chamber is discharged from the discharge port until the final get the desired material.