Construction Grinding Mills Help You Achieve New Development in Low-Carbon Energy

State Economic and Trade Commission has developed the '15' planning in wall materials innovation" which reflects the strong support of new wall materials. The plan noted that the use of new wall materials instead of old building materials and it is an important part of structural adjustment. Depending on our customers' advices, Shanghai Zenith Machinery Co. has improved the design of the construction grinding mill. It will provide domestic and worldwide customers the most energy-efficient ultra-fine milling equipment.


ZENITH has been adhering to the scientific concept of development, and attaches great importance to the environment protection and energy mill equipment development. Based on new concept "fashion , low-carbon , energy-saving , environmental protection ," and considering people's health and home life, ultrafine construction grinding mill is widely used in construction waste deep processing in recent years.

Construction ultrafine mill

For a wide range of demolition and construction, building materials ultrafine mill has remarkable recovery: take advantage of these construction wastes, turning waste into treasure, which has benefits to mankind. National policies encourage the use of waste as raw industrial building wall material to replace or partially replace clay fired brick. According to statistics, by 2010, China's building energy efficiency will reach 50%.

Read so much advantages of building grinding mills; are you curious about its appearance? I get much knowledge from ZENITH official website of the construction grinding mill pictures. I have learned a lot of high efficient , energy saving, environmental protection construction grinding mills, such as MTM high-pressure trapezium mill, SCM ultrafine grinding mill , LM vertical milling machine, MTW European trapezium Mill.

Why this kind of construction grinding mill hold the palm? Why is it so popular? Large feeding size, one-time average particle size of the material can reach 6.5um ultrafine powder. Energy efficiency, in the same yield and fineness, the energy consumption is only 1/ 3 of other similar products. One of the most important reasons is its little operation investment, high profits.