Construction Sand Production Line Make Your Building Living Centuries

In the construction industry, the significance of the sand is not to be underestimated. In the city, construction sand and mud plays a vital role for the towering skyscrapers. With its efficient production capacity and the ability of running smoothly, construction sand production line is becoming the first major processing equipment in construction industry.


Construction aggregate Production Line

Advantage for using the construction aggregate in the construction industry. First of all, we can improve the bearing capacity and reduce settlement of shallow foundations. Secondly, the sand aggregate has a good permeable performance and can accelerate excluding the water under the building foundation, maintaining the building shapes. Thirdly, sand gravel and cement can be a combination of high quality adhesives which is called cement mortar, prompting the building becomes more rugged and durable. To achieve this goal, the quality of sand and gravel becomes an important measure of the building.

In construction, the quality of sand gravel directly affects the quality of the building's durability. On the building site, sand gravel is often used as a building material. Compared with the natural sand, the artificial sand is more controllable and has more uniform product size. Adopting Shanghai SBM new generation construction sand making machine, we can choose the raw materials, the granular size and the volume of production for sand gravel, according to the specific construction needs. With high efficiency, large capacity, the crusher consists of the hopper, sub-feeder, eddy crushing chamber, the impeller, shaft assembly, base, transmission, lubrication system.

Construction Sand Making Crusher

Currently, in order to meet the production needs of construction sand, in some large-scale projects, Construction Sand Production Line is increasingly popular. This production line is equipped with a high-performance construction sand making crusher and has a series of advantages such as: high degree of automation, low running costs, crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance. The produced sand gravel is uniform particle size with reasonable level, In addition, it in line with the national construction sand standards.