Diorite Quarrying Equipment For Sale

Diorite stone is one kind of granite. Diorite is the stone which always in dark colors, such as black, gray or light green with dark spots. It is mainly composed of plagioclase and one or more dark minerals. Dark minerals are mainly amphibole, others such as pyroxene and biotite, the total is generally 20 to 35%. Diorite has no or only a small amount of feldspar and quartz, and a number of accessory minerals, mainly including apatite, magnetite, ilmenite and sphene. Diorite is an extremely hard rock, its compressive strength of 130 to 200MPa (dry) and 100 to 160MPa (wet).

Diorite is a relatively rare rock, the source localities include Leicestershire; UK; Sondrio, Italy; Thuringia and Saxony in Germany; Finland; Romania; Northeastern Turkey; central Sweden; Scotland; the Darrans range of New Zealand; the Andes Mountains; the Isle of Guernsey; Basin and Range province; Minnesota in the USA, and Idahet in Egypt.


Diorite processing equipment

The same as granite, diorite also has a high hardness. So the processing line of diorite is similar to granite’s. The processing processes are generally including primary crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and screening. We always need jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, and some auxiliary equipment such as vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and belt conveyor to increase the degree of the automated production and reduce the labor costs.

First of all, the large size diorite stones need to be crushed into small pieces because they exceed the maximum feed size. Jaw crusher is the most popular primary crusher in a variety of stones processing line. It is widely applied to crush all kinds of high hardness, mid hardness and soft rocks and ores which with the pressure resistance strength under 320Mpa. And you can choose vibrating feeder to feed the diorite raw material continuously and uniformly into the jaw crusher.

After separation by vibrating screen, transport the crushed diorite stone which meets the required size to impact crusher for medium crushing, while the rest part will be returned to jaw crusher for re-crushing. And belt conveyor is used to connect the two devices. Impact crusher is with high crushing ratio, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The hammer is made of high chrome, which is with high impact resistance and abrasion resistance, effectively extending the service life of wearing parts.

Then we need a cone crusher for fine crushing. Cone crusher is an ideal crusher used in secondary, tertiary and fine crushing stages. It can be widely applied to process a variety of high hardness materials and low hardness materials. The machine adopted laminated crushing principle, which formed a protective layer of the materials. As a result, not only reduces wearing parts consumption and prolongs its service life, but also significantly increases the proportion of the cube.

All of the diorite processing equipment our company can provide. They all adopt the advanced technology from the world, and made of high quality materials. This diorite processing line is with the features of large production, easy operation, stable running and long service life. If you want to also build a complete diorite crushing and screening line please contact us. And we can also design a new processing line according to your requirement.

Diorite Application

After the above processes, diorite can be used in a wide area. Diorite is an extremely hard rock. It has the same structural characteristics with granite, and it is one of the major rock types of granite stone. It became more popular as a structural stone and was frequently used as pavement due to its durability. Diorite always has a unique style, so it is used as the decorative stone of exterior walls, stairs and balcony floor.