What are some suggestions for engineers when operating a cone crusher?


The Cone Crusher has different types of usages and the engineers must be careful while operating them. Here are some suggestions for them to operate the cone crushers in the right way:

1.Preparing & Inspecting Before Operation

It is very important to prepare and inspect the machine before you actually start operating it. Especially for the spring cone crusher, you have to lubricate the parts first before operating. This is to ensure that the parts can move smoothly and easily. So, inspect whether there is sufficient fuel in the tank or not. Along with that, you also have to make sure that oil filter is clean and quality of the oil is completely qualified.


2. Inspect The Main Body

Before starting the operations, engineers also must perform a complete main body inspection. In this part, you have to check whether or not all the basic screws are in perfect condition and tightly fitted. Even you have to check the wheel screws as well as the rubber rings to ensure that they are in the right condition. Being an engineer, you will know that the machine will start working properly only when all the parts are in right place and completely in right condition. Otherwise it can damage the whole machine.


3. Electrical & Spring Parts Of Cone Crusher

Another important thing you have to consider is the electrical and spring parts of the machine. To guarantee a safe operation and production of various goods, you have to make sure that the motors are working in perfect condition. Even the engineers must ensure that all the electrical parts like the wire or springs must be perfectly fitted. Without this, it can be really tough for the machine to produce good materials. You need to manufacture and operate the machine when all the springs and electrical parts are in right condition.