Extending service life of the cone crusher wear parts

A cone crusher is one of the many types of mineral-ore processing plant equipment. They are big differentiated by mantle and gape diameter. Its an absolute machine with enormous power for crushing hard minerals like mines ore ores. It operates using a shaft that pushes the spindle to move up and down in a circular manner. Crushing boulders to smaller sizes. There is expected wear and tear over time. It is essential to know how to manage this wear and tear as well as identifying every replicable part. Here is a guide to inform you of some service parts and how to repair them.


Movable plates wear out quickly and this cannot be avoided. The only thing you can do is clear out any left debris when the machine is in maintenance mode. You will need to monitor the tooth profiles and plates.

Hammer breaker blocks and cage assembly gets worn out over time. The amount of work done by the martensitic steel, which has a hardness of 300J/cm breakage, is managed by monitoring the temperatures.

Chrome steel is usually chemically bonded the wear and tear resistance of chrome steel depend on hard carbides of the matrix. Offsets hinder the movement this provides a high degree of strength but less toughness. To prevent wear and tear the blow bars must be heated.

You can also use is matching sets for better production and reduce wear and tear. This trick uses a better dome-shaped nut that direct stubby materials through the crusher. It prevents binding of the feed opening.

Bowl liners feature relief near the opening you can increase production and reduce recirculation by taking advantage of increased feed opening. This liner can be replaced and monitored since proper application saves you much needed time.

Screen cylinders are vital for precise production when a screen cylinder breaks it means that you cannot separate boulders by size. When replacing this part, it is better to take advantage of the advanced model parts available to increase your production like the new trammel screened cylinder that is effective on lighter and wetter materials.

Another common replacement part is the conveyor system. Getting the right conveyor system is also important. You can take advantage and get a heavy-duty system. This will guarantee long life on the same production level. It can also increase your production level by increasing the amount of load carried per minute.


Installing different punch plates can boost the longevity of its replacement. The desired result can be achieved with various punch plate models that concentrate pressure by punching out different shapes at the same time.

The production levels determine part replacements sometimes a small section like the sorting done by a grizzly finger deck might be worn out or cogged and a simple clearing might do the trick. But investing in a multilayered finger system will save you time and money.

Generally, most crusher parts get worn out but the best was to save money is close monitoring of every part and when replacing choose the best design that maximizes production or saves time. You can always request information from your service provider on parts before replacement.