• Colombia bauxite grinding plants

    In Colombia, bauxite processing is performed on the basis of the traditional technics. Various processing equipment has been continuously improved with the industry development. Zenith has engaged in the production of mining machinery for many years.2019-09-17  

  • Gneiss processing plant equipment

    Gneiss is a medium to coarse-grained, semi schistose metamorphic rock. It is characterized by alternating light and dark bands differing in mineral composition (coarser grained than schist). The lighter bands contain mostly quartz and feldspar, the darker2019-09-12  

  • Granite ore crushing processing equipment

    Granite is one of the most popular construction and building materials and even decorative pieces for all types of reasons. The fact is that granite is very resistant to scratches and a durable product does make it one of the most expensive ways to build,2019-09-11  

  • Diatomite Grinding Machine and Processing Line

    Diatomite is a kind of biogenic siliceous sediment, which is mainly composed of the ancient remains of diatoms. SiO2 content of diatomite is usually more than 80%, the most content can reach to 94%. Diatomaceous mineral compositions are mainly opal and it2019-09-10  

  • Zenith Vanadium Mining Plant

    South Africa is located in the southernmost tip of the African continent. South Africa is rich in mineral resource. It is one of the world's top five mineral countries in the world. Almost all the minerals have proven in the world can be found in South A2019-09-05  

  • Zenith Uranium Ore Processing Plant

    South Africa low-cost uranium resource has 341000 tons, accounting for 7.2% of the world's total reserves and it is the world in fifth place of whole world. Uranium deposits are mainly concentrated in South Africa Victor Waters Rand Basin gold - uranium2019-09-04  

  • Zenith Vermiculite Processing Plant

    South Africa is the world's second largest vermiculite ore producer, only after the United States. South African vermiculite total reserve is about 73 million tons, accounting for 35.9 percent of the world's reserves. In addition, South Africa is the wo2019-09-03  

  • Zenith Titanium Ore Crusher Machine

    Titanium ore is abundant in South Africa and it is one of the most distributed in the crust. It accounts for 0.61% of the earth's crust and it is in the 9th position. After titanium, aluminum, magnesium, titanium ranks the fourth situation. It is the imp2019-09-03  

  • Galena mining machines

    Galena is a common mineral, which is also called lead sulphide. It is an important ore mineral of refined lead, which is the most widely distributed. Galena is a kind of gray of lead sulfide. Before the Shang dynasty there were refined leads from the gale2019-08-30  

  • Diorite Quarrying Equipment For Sale

    Diorite stone is one kind of granite. Diorite is the stone which always in dark colors, such as black, gray or light green with dark spots. It is mainly composed of plagioclase and one or more dark minerals. Dark minerals are mainly amphibole, others such2019-08-30