Iron ore washing plant in Philippines

p>Iron ore washing plant is an important machine in iron ore beneficiation process, it plays crucial role in removing the impurity and gangue mixed in the iron ore. In the steel making industry, many iron ore washing plant are applied in India, Most of the iron ore mines in India produce hematite ores and have washing plants to produce lumps as well as fines. In this process, a part of the fine gangue material is removed from the product. During the washing process, around 8-10 million tons of slimes containing around 48-60% of pure iron content are discarded every year. In iron making process, it is very important to focus attention on the reduction of contaminants within the feed material. The contaminants contents in iron ore such as alumina and silica has a negative effect on the steel production process, as they are a direct cause of high production costs. Iron ore washing plant will be a great choice to wash away the contaminants.

Iron Ore Washing Plant Introduction

Iron Ore Washing Plant mainly consists of such four parts as cylinder, magnetic system, cell and transmission parts. Cylinder is made of 2-3mm welded and bent stainless steel and the terminal cover is forged aluminum plate which is connected with stainless bolts. The motor drives the cylinder to go round and round through decelerated machine. The magnetic system is open and put in the cylinder. The magnetic piece is installed on the bottom plate with stainless bolt, the axis of magnetic yoke spreads out of cylinder, and there is cranks which are fixed on the end of axis. The angle of magnetic system can be adjusted by pulling the crank, and be fixed with push rod. The working area of cell is made of stainless steel plate, and the other parts of frame and cell adopt common welded steel.


Iron Ore Washing Plant Application

The Iron Ore Washing Plant is applicable for wet mineral separation of such materials as magnetite, pyrrhotine, roasted ore and ilmenite, etc. and it is also applicable for iron removal working of such materials as coal, nonmetal and building materials, etc.

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