Price of mobile crushing plant in Philippines

At present, many cities in our country is in a new round of urban large-scale construction cycle, construction waste production amount and then enter the rush hour. Vice-chairman of Manila municipal party committee proposed recently, the garbage is put in the wrong place resources, the construction waste resource utilization. According to estimates, Manila city building garbage produced every year is about 5 million tons, in addition to the limited of scrap steel, scrap wire may be used, such as the remaining quantity considerable waste residue, such as wood, concrete, mortar become city need to deal with rubbish. Construction waste treatment engineering of Philippines province since the introduction of the first mobile crushing plant, dealing with construction waste has millions of square. Mobile crushing plant in Philippines province to vigorously promote the recycling of the construction waste has great results.


Price of mobile crushing plant in Philippines

The price of mobile crushing plant in Philippines is higher, but its special equipment performance is unmatched by other crusher. Recently more successful cases is Philippines some environmental regeneration company introduction of urban construction garbage processing equipment, with a total investment of more than 1000 ten thousand yuan, is expected to deal with construction waste more than 70 70 tonnes. The environmental protection company introduces the mobile crushing plant, the average per hour can handle 200 t of construction waste waste, can produce 3, 4 kinds of different specifications of the recycled aggregates, respectively applied to the urban road, building construction and other fields, created the "national construction waste recycling the most comprehensive, more safety and reliability, minimum of environmental pollution, can create the economic benefits of the highest" of the five records, is the current national crushing equipment in mining machinery industry, is also a city construction waste resource recycling the choice of mechanical equipment.

Philippines mobile crushing equipment

As described in the case, mobile crushing station can bring for our country's environmental protection very big gains. Many investors are now very popular domestic mobile crushing station. However, Philippines mobile crushing equipment manufacturer which specialize in the production of the equipment can bring higher benefits for many investors? At present domestic production of mobile crushing plant manufacturers in rank and the equipment have wide praise by customers at home and abroad which is the Shanghai shibang machinery co., LTD which company due to long-term technical cooperation with foreign firms, so the production has stable performance and excellent technology.