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Phosphate is the shape of the element phosphorus produced naturally, which can be found in a variety of phosphate minerals. It is hard to find the element phosphorus or phosphate (only very small amounts can be found in meteorites).In mineralogy and geology, phosphate is refers to the rock or ore containing phosphate ions. In biology, phosphorus is in the solution in the form of free phosphate ions, which is referred to as "inorganic phosphate". This can make a difference with other phosphate in the phosphate ester. Pi stands for organic phosphate, which can be made from pyrophosphate (PPi) hydrolysis


Distribution of phosphate

In North Kenya, the largest ground phosphate rock ore deposit is located in central Florida, Idaho State of das PuLLing, North Carolina coast area in the United States. And the second is to be located in Montana, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina in Charleston. Nauru this very small island once had a large number of high-quality phosphate mineral, but now has been mined for a large number. Ground phosphate rock can also be found in Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, Togo and Jordan. These places also have a large number of phosphate mining.

Regular applications of phosphate

In food processing, phosphate is applied usually in the form of sodium salt, calcium salt, sylvite, and as a nutritional enhancer of ferric salt and zinc salt. There are more than 30 varieties grades of phosphate commonly used in food. Sodium phosphate salt is the main consumption of phosphate species in Chinese food. With the development of food processing technology, the potassium phosphate consumption is rising year by year.

To make full use of various kinds of phosphate and synergistic effect of phosphate with other additive and meet the demand of the development of food processing technology, a variety of complex matches phosphate are used as a function of food ingredients and additives in practice. Research and development of complex matches phosphate became a phosphate development direction of the development and application of food additive.

Typical applications of phosphate

Phosphates used as binder in the refractory material. Phosphate binder is acidic orthophosphate or condensed phosphate as the main compounds and gelling properties of refractory binder. Form of combined of Phosphate binder combination is by chemical reaction or aggregation. The product of Phosphoric acid reacting with alkali metal or alkaline earth metal oxides and the hydroxide is mostly gas hard binder, which can congeal and harden at room temperature without heating. The product of Phosphoric acid reacting with oxide and hydroxyl or acidic oxides is mostly hot hard binder, which is subject to setting and hardening only after heated to a definite temperature. as refractory binder, Phosphate binder has strong bonding strength at medium and low temperature range before producing ceramic combination, so it is widely used as binder of monolithic refractories and don't burn refractory.

Potash crushing plant in Kenya

As for the abundant phosphate resources in Kenya, phosphate crushing plant is very popular in some open pit mine. A reasonable crushing plant includes many mining machines, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, grinding machines as well as other ancillary equipment. Crusher machines have many types, such as PE series jaw crusher, pfw series impact crusher and so on. There are many suppliers and manufacturers of mining machines in Kenya. Shanghai Zenith is one of them, which has traded with more than 170 countries. They provide the latest machines for clients as well as considerate before-after service. Crushers they produced have got accepted by widely users in the world.