Classic Case of Basalt Sand-making•HST315 Single-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crushers on an Expedition

    Date:  2016-05-16Author:  ZENITH

From customers’ feedback, the two sets of HST315 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers and matching equipment delivered to the basalt production field in Zhumadian, Henan Province at the end of last year currently are in good operation. During three months’ time since put into production, the produced sand and gravel aggregates are favored in the market of building materials by virtue of the good grain shape, and users are very satisfied with the products and services of Shanghai Zenith Mining and Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
The customer in Zhumadian used to apply other domestic manufacturers’ equipment at the basalt crushing field, featuring ordinary production but rather high maintenance costs, and moreover, most of the main equipment has been replaced in less than three years. In December 2015, the customer replaced the old equipment with two sets of Zenith HST315 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers and one set of PE900 × 1200 jaw crusher, and the main equipment HST315 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher currently has adopted the domestic top intelligent control mode and put into formal operation after nearly a month’s transformation, installation and debugging.
According to customer's requirements, the basalt can provide five kinds of finished products after crushed, so the Zenith engineers have replaced the coarse, medium and fine grinding equipment that lower in capacity and efficiency when configuring the production lines in accordance with the conditions of the original equipment on the production lines; besides, the multi-stage finished product screening is adopted, with the PLC intelligent control mode and dust removal system provided to ensure the high efficiency and excellent environmental protection of the whole production line.

Production line information:

Raw material: basalt, 750 mm and above
Raw material characteristics: Protodikonov's Hardness Level 7 and above
Specifications of finished products: five kinds of finished aggregates, 0-5 mm, 5-12 mm, 12-24 mm, 24-31mm and 31-40 mm
Throughput: 450-500 tons/hour
Equipment applied: One PE900 × 1200 jaw crusher, two HST315 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, one ZSW420 × 110 feeder, five 3Y2160 circular vibrating screens, one transfer bunker, one dust removal system and more than ten belt conveyors
Usage of finished products: mixing plants, road construction and high-speed rail construction
Customers’ remarks: We used the equipment from domestic small factories in the past, but the main machines were completely replaced in two years' time and the maintenance cost is rather high. The market survey informed us that Zenith is most advantageous over others in the field of mine crushing equipment, so we jointly purchased two single-cylinder cone crushers and one jaw crusher, and in less than one month’s time from contract signing to formal production, Zenith has not only provided excellent equipment but also high service efficiency. Later on, we’ll continue to cooperate with Zenith in out coming projects.

Figure: Basalt production field in Zhumadian

Performance advantages of HST315 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

The HST315 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers are a new type of high efficient crushers independently researched, developed and designed by widely absorbing the advanced crusher technology from the United States, Germany and other countries. This kind of cone crushers have integrated mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automatic and intelligent control technology, representing the most advanced crusher technology around the world.
1. High efficiency: Higher production efficiency and better product quality has been achieved by integrating the crushing chamber type, eccentric distance and motion parameters. Moreover, the equipment has achieved stronger bearing capacity, larger crushing ratio and better through capacity by virtue of its optimized strength design and high-quality component materials.
2. Low cost: The equipment has a simple structure, so all maintenance work can be completed after the upper frame is removed to achieve convenient inspection and maintenance. The crushing chamber internal pressure is always kept higher than the external pressure, which can effectively reduce the dust or other small particles into the crusher, lessen damages to bearings and prolong the service life of the lubricating oil and equipment.
3. Intelligent control: The fully automatic control system can provide a variety of operating modes optional for users, such as the manual control, constant discharging port control and constant power control; besides, it can monitor the actual load continuously in crushers and automatically adjust the relevant equipment, so that the utilization rate of the crushers could be optimized and the crushers can exert their best performance anytime during working.

Figure: Working site of HST315 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in Zhumadian

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