Meeting in spring --- Enjoy Happy Running and a Healthy Life

    Date:  2016-05-23Author:  ZENITH

In May --- a season full of sunshine and gentle wind, Shanghai ZENITH has taken part in a healthy and vibrant race in Century Park.
Over 30 runners in neat uniform from various departments gather around the lake to prepare for running. The match is set as a relay race, each part of which has set a challenge, including “you gesture and I guess”, “crouch and recite words”, “rope skipping on the pressing plate”, “gnawing apples” and so on, which have added much delight and interactivity into the match. Captains of the two teams rearrange and adjust the order of members to get each member at most suitable position to win the final victory.

Discuss Tactics and Rearrange teams

After two rounds of wonderful matches, the first team defeats the second team with 8 minutes 14 seconds and 5 minutes 27 seconds, while the second team fails finally with grades of 10 minutes 25 seconds and 5 minutes 30 seconds. Obviously, after the first round, the two teams have both accumulated more experience, so in the second round, the match gets more intense and the first team narrowly wins the final victory.

Relay on Eating Apples

After the race, the members gather at the lawn. It is really a pleasure to enjoy spring breeze and sunshine while taking a rest. The group taste delicious food prepared in advance and conduct a variety of small games. This is a relaxing weekend for all of them to stretch both body and mind during spare time.

Lawn --- Joy --- Smiles

Colorful Balloons Make up a Beautiful Spring

Shanghai ZENITH advocates a healthy and optimistic lifestyle. The activity themed as “Century Park --- health and energy” is the spring gifts specially sent to ZENITH staff to encourage all staff to face life with optimistic and earnest attitudes, thus enjoying a healthy and vibrant lifestyle and working style.

We are the best

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